Winterfjord has taken equity position in companies with global growth potential. Selected investments include:


Ennox Technology AS
Ennox Technology AS is a Norwegian, early stage cleantech company that has developed a technology for recovering oil from drill cuttings, oil contaminated soil and other oily solids in a more effective and economical manner, with significantly less environmental impact than current technologies in the market. 

Trimotech AS
Trimotech is a technology company that has developed a low-cost, agile, light and efficient engine architecture that will significantly improve the economics and environmental impact of the motor industry.

Accell Hydra AS
The company has developed the next generation of gas flotation separation for removing oil from water. Accell Hydra offers unique and unmatched benefits for users due to a new and revolutionary mixing process as well as internal design. 

Coplast AS
Cooplast has developed a line of products for home and garden. Products are currently not yet launched in the market.